Technical Lead | Cloud Infrastructure

Gurugram, Haryana, India

About the job

In this role, you’ll get …

  • to provide technical help and support to critical customer applications that supports more than 1 lakh, concurrent users.
  • to continuously optimise and enhance the performance of application infrastructure.
  • to report weekly/monthly/quarterly KPI’s/Metrics to the customers that show value BluePi is adding to their businesses.
  • to follow and improve MSP processes and best practices.
  • to help teams in troubleshooting and fixing issues/escalations.
  • to continuously review and optimise the alerts and notifications.
  • to help customers design, optimise and innovate their applications on the cloud.
  • to manage and secure critical customers data.

Must-have skills

On day one we’ll expect you to…

  • have experience in managing more than 4-5 MSP customers.
  • have worked on advanced setup and optimization of Open Sources DB’s (Mysql, Postgres, Cassandra, Timescale).
  • have hands-on experience in Network/Routers/Storage/Operating Systems(Unix/Windows).
  • have hands-on experience in WAF and its management.
  • have hands-on experience on DevOps and Automation(Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD).
  • have hands-on experience on Infrastructure Templating Tools (CloudFormation, TerraForm).
  • have good communication skills (Verbal/Written).
  • have Associate and Professional Certifications

What separates the best from the rest

  • good understanding of overall application solution architecture.
  • perform Well Architect Review of Customer Applications
  • evaluate and re-evaluate the customer’s cloud cost (instance types, usage, reservation) every month/quarter.
  • prepare proposals/presentations/pitch documents for acquiring new customers.