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    Demystifying Hybrid Recommender Systems and their Use Cases

    Recommender systems aim to provide users with personalized online product or service recommendations to handle the increasing online information overload problem and improve customer relationship management. A Recommender system can be distinguished from an information retrieval system by the semantics of its user interaction. Recommender systems are mainly classified into...

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    Classifying Different Types of Recommender Systems

    There are majorly six types of recommendation systems for the Media and Entertainment Collaborative Recommender system, Content-based recommendation system, Demographic based recommendation system, Utility based recommender system, Knowledge based recommender system and Hybrid recommendation system

    Recommender systems are defined as recommendation inputs given by the people, which the system then aggregates and directs to appropriate recipients.  It can be further defined as a system that produces individualized recommendations as output or has the effect of guiding the user in a personalized way to interesting objects...

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