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    Data Transformation (Part 2)| Normalisation techniques

    We will discuss different data normalisation methods such as value mapping normalisation, discretization normalisation, equal width discretization , egual frequency discretization and aggregation normalisation

    Data Transformation | Normalisation techniques In the part 1 of the series we looked at the various methods of normalising the data including min-max and box-cox transformations. In this part we look at the following Value Mapping Discretization Equal Width Discretization Equal Frequency Discretization Aggregation Value Mapping Sometimes in the...

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    Data Transformation (Part 1) | Normalisation Techniques

    The process of normalisation entails converting numerical values into a new range using a mathematical function. Two common normalisation methods are min-max normalisation and z score normalisation

    Data Transformation | Normalisation Techniques Almost always when we get raw data in any project, it is unfit for direct consumption for analysis or modelling . It is a especially a concern when the data volume is huge for example in a big data analytics project . In this blog...

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