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    DevOps Adoption

    According to the Second Annual GitLab Global Developer Survey, “Thirty-five percent of respondents say they have a somewhat established DevOps culture and only 23 percent go so far as to describe their development method as DevOps.” The survey further adds, “65 percent of respondents believe the DevOps workflow saves them...

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    BluePi becomes the AWS DevOps Competency Partner

    BluePi Consulting, a 5-year-old technology and consulting company based out of India, has reached yet another milestone. It has achieved Amazon Web Services DevOps Competency status. We at BluePi delivers end-to-end specialized IT services and solutions. We are a team of technology experts that take great pride in solving complex...

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    Automate Configuration Management with Chef

    In the previous blog we saw how we can automate the deployment of Play framework applications using Chef, in this piece let’s focus on automating Configuration Management for Play Framework applications using Chef. There are a few steps involved in making the configuration updates automatic, we’ll discuss these steps one...

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    Automating Play Applications Deployment using Chef

    Extreme Programming goes hand in hand with the Scrum practices that we follow in the modern software development. The promises made by implementing Scrum can only be fulfilled if we follow the development practices that compliment it. Extreme Programming or XP practices are a must if we want a work...

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