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    Why should you set up your first Data Warehouse on Cloud?

    You can always consider setting up a data warehouse to accumulating huge volumes of data from varied applications and sources. The centralized data repository will help you to convert the data into actionable information by processing large and complex queries efficiently. But you must choose the right deployment route to...

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    Clash of the Titans – Which OLAP Will Win?

    There is a number of OLAP solutions available in the market, including the popular ones like Vertica, Oracle BI, SAP Business Warehouse, which have pre-existed for a long time. While many of these started as on-premise solutions, have tried to re-establish them in today’s competitive market by providing SaaS variance....

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    How We Zeroed on the Best Data Warehouse

    The advancement of technology generally evokes a range of emotions in people from all walks of life. Some choose to see the cons, while others consider it a way to bring the world closer and solve major challenges. But, as they say, any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic!...

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