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    Operational Intelligence – On top of the Business Intelligence

    The explosion big data has created in recent past is phenomenal. The entire business environment has been flooded with data volumes and the diversity of new data sources. Yet, many organizations still struggle with the analytic opportunities big data provides. Reason being they are still focused on assembling insights from...

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    Analyzing Big Data to Make Small Companies Big

    Unlike, the notion prevailing, Big Data isn’t just for big businesses with bigger budgets. Small businesses, these days, too can reap the benefits of the gigantic amounts of online and offline information to make wise, data-driven decisions to grow their businesses. Essentially, big data is all about opportunity – the...

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    New Approach In Software Development Outsourcing

    Change is the only constant in offshore product development. What was the prevailing attitude a few years ago has given way to new approach and preferences. While early adopters of the model had cost cutting at the top of their mind, the organizations now demonstrate a new long term strategic...

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    Tapping Big Data for Increased Agility and Competitiveness

    The stupendous growth of data volumes in recent years has been behind the rise of the phenomenon of big data, which has presented new challenges as well as new opportunities for business enterprises. Organizations can take advantage of the big data environment with analytic solutions to derive information about key...

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