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    Legacy App Modernization Challenges

    No enterprise can keep its software applications relevant and profitable without optimizing user experience. The user experience delivered by a software application depends on its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security. Unlike new age software applications, legacy software applications are not developed by targeting multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices....

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    How to containerize a Node.js Application

    The rise and rise of Node.js applications is, quite simply, phenomenal! Thanks to a JavaScript-everywhere architecture, the difference between backend and frontend is no longer as evident as it used to be. From emerging startups to large enterprises, every business is trying to leverage the lightweight and lightning quick Node.js...

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    Choosing Kong-The API Gateway

    In the previous blog, ‘A Million Events in 5 Minutes! Know How We Do It.’, we provided a high-level view of the architecture of piStats and how an incoming clickstream event travels through our system to get a visual representation on our real-time dashboards. In this particular blog, we’ll give...

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    A Million Events in 5 Minutes! Know How We Do It.

    piStats Analytics is designed to consume every activity and event of a user on the client’s site. These events are sent to our systems to extract valuable information like trends and active users that provide an insight to the client on how the site is performing on any particular day...

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    Implement Infinite Scroll Pagination in AngularJS

    I bet you have seen and pretty used to the old fashioned pagination that looks something like below: The pagination style above suffers from a significant UX issues. The user has to guess on what page is the result he is looking for. He clicks and clicks in the hope...

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