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    How to automate copying an EC2 AMI from one region to another

    We have the previous blogs published to create AMI’s with EC2 tags and ELB tags in the specific region. The AMI’s copied across the different region helps in the scenarios like Disaster Recovery (DR) setup and also to quickly recover in case failure of EC2 service in the entire region...

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    Thinking to automate AMI backups; Use AWS Lambda, with ELB tags

    If you’ve been following our blog, you would know how we love to talk about advances in technology and ensure that our readers get the most out of reading our posts. This is the thing about being a tech enthusiast, we start to believe in what sufficiently advanced technology can...

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    How to Automate AMI Backups & Cleanups, using AWS Lambda

    Is your Dev-ops or Infrastructure management team looking for options for cloud cost optimization and save time by eliminating human errors and the need for dedicated resources (like a standalone server) executing all tasks? Look no further! Automating AMI backups and cleanups using AWS Lambda helps you solve the above...

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