Start-ups must add cloud migration to their TO-DO list

Start-ups must add cloud migration to their TO-DO list

Studies predict that by 202, 80 percent of small business would fully embrace the cloud. The reason of such a strong prediction for small businesses is that cloud migration cuts huge cost. Businesses need not pay for routine maintenance on servers, or incur large bills due to downtime.

The omnipresent network connectivity, affordable compute power combined with rich infrastructure make Cloud valuable for beginning enterprises and their new consumers. This is presenting significant opportunities for startups to integrate their systems at initial level only. A few startups are transforming their operations to meet the needs of the evolving Cloud trends. Since, businesses that migrate to the Cloud have proven to be more agile and effective, especially when they can scale their IT infrastructure. Other benefits to move on cloud for startups are:

  1. Cloud is cost-effective for Startups According to Cloudworks, cloud computing market will surpass $200 billion by 2018, and one of the major reason behind such anticipations is its affordability, 80 percent of cloud adopters believe that it helps their organization reduce IT costs. Cloud saves startups’ considerable amount of money, through the Cloud, Startups gain access to great computing power at incredibly low cost.

    2. Scalability and Virtualized

    Cloud enables companies to scale up or down automatically. Not only this but also, the Cloud enables typically virtualized environments. And with the features of scalability (One of the predominant advantages of Cloud Migration!) and virtualization, one can easily provision or de-provision resource at one’s convenience. For instance, one can very easily add servers without even depending on much of technical support. The scalability aspect of the Cloud allows room for expansion that unpredictable cycles businesses go through.

    3. Helps Businesses to restructure and integrate

    It gives startups the opportunity of restructuring their business from a product-centric business to a service-centric one. Cloud-enabled small businesses have the option of integrating with various cloud-based providers to provide insights, statistics, or other tools in managing their business. Cloud Computing also benefits Your Business in various other ways.

    4. Increased productivity due to the Cloud

    Migration to Cloud increases user productivity which comes automatically as the result of improved collaboration. The Cloud allows users to access services regardless of their location or device. According to a survey reported by ISG Technology, 63 percent of senior managers believe that there has been improved collaboration amid entities of their organizations, because of using Cloud. Mainly, collaboration is easy because maintenance and management of Cloud is effortless.

    5. Cloud gives Security

    The cloud also brings increased security (also, Disaster Recovery) with it. Because everything’s on the cloud, and not stored on a computer, if a computer is lost or stolen all the information isn’t. The automatically managed and virtualized environment of Cloud infrastructure allows better and improved compliance with information management and privacy rules. In fact, it provides more secure remote access to company information and faster as well as more reliable recovery of information systems and backup.

    6. Cloud facilitates Better Quality

    Cloud migration means better quality and better manageability. By leveraging the cloud, a business can effectively reduce dependence on internal IT. This reduces the need to dedicate management attention as well as resources to IT infrastructure. Instead, a business can use the competitive dynamics of the Cloud to obtain IT infrastructure that is effective and efficient. The ability to provision and configure resources automatically means that cloud services have substantially better manageability.

    7. Gives the power of Analytics and more

    Migration to cloud gives startups a powerful push. One of the major reasons for migrating to the cloud is the opportunity a business gets to use the analytics. Migrating to cloud let businesses be free from common IT administrative tasks. Along with powerful analytics, Cloud helps businesses access data and applications from any internet connection, regardless of the device being used; avoid storing confidential business data on PCs and mobile devices. And undoubtedly it’s tempting to be able to access files from any device.


    Long gone are the days when files were only procured from a single server, on a single computer in an office. Today, the scenario has changed massively and because of the Cloud-based environment and architecture, everyone can work with flexible schedules, and most importantly startups are able to access their business at any time of the day. This not only saves time but reduces a lot of futile tasks. Startups, today, need to take a close look at their existing investments in infrastructure and to determine how much Cloud Migration can bring positive change to their system.


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