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High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Snowflake

High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Snowflake Data-driven digital transformation is the future of business. High availability is critical for any digital transformation strategy to be successful. Snowflake, a cloud-based data platform, offers high availability and disaster recovery solutions to ensure busines...

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Introduction to Snowflake

Introduction to Snowflake Snowflake has been in the talks and being compared to various other cloud based data solutions lately. In this blog post we will see various offerings provided by Snowflake and it’s architecture. Initially Snowflake started with Data warehousing as its main offering. Today, there are 6 d...

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What is a data lake and why does your enterprise need it?

What is a data lake and why does your enterprise need it? What is a data lake? A data lake is a centralized storage to keep vast amounts of data, be it structured, semi-structured, or unstructured at a single location. It works on the principle of “Load first, think later”. The main idea is to have all your data fr...

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10 Facts about BluePi on its 10th Anniversary

We are on a mission to be the most sought after data driven business organization ! Our team is strongly committed to this mission and we ensure this by developing an internal culture of thinking about transformation that is driven by date and work collectively towards our mission to become the most sought after dat...

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Introduction to Docker

Container It is an isolated environment for running an application. it is a light weighted process. Virtual Machine It is an abstraction of a machine (physical machine). abstraction in the sense it has separate OS and file system. It uses Hypervisor. Docker Architecture Docker follows Client Serv...

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Navigating the information overload with CDP

We are now living in a world that heavily relies on data. From calculating our daily grocery needs to planning the import of oil for the next 6 months, we gather and process data. It would however be wrong to assume that both require the same level of know-how, but the idea here is, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ...

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