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Business Intelligence in Consumer Goods

Business Intelligence in Consumer Goods With a huge boom in the e-commerce industry, the customer is well-informed and has infinite options available under his thumb. Although, Aggregator apps help in increasing business visibility but also add to the cut-throat competition and this leaves the 'Consumer Goods Provid...

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Brutal DDoS Attack - Is it the Beginning of a Bleak Future?

Brutal DDoS Attack Well…… NO! DDoS, short for Distributed Denial of Service, is a huge threat to our servers, web applications and other network resources causing outages in services in addition to associated financial implications as well. With the launch of AWS Shield, however, things have become far...

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Life of BluePi: 4 years of growth and how!

Life of BluePi Clocking a 100% growth in revenues every year is no joke! More so, if you’re a self-funded, lean company, working on cutting-edge technologies, partnering with some high-profile names and helping clients across multiple industries to solve complex business problems. With an 80-member strong team...

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Thinking to automate AMI backups; Use AWS Lambda, with ELB tags

Thinking to automate AMI backups; Use AWS Lambda If you’ve been following our blog, you would know how we love to talk about advances in technology and ensure that our readers get the most out of reading our posts. This is the thing about being a tech enthusiast, we start to believe in what sufficiently advanced tec...

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How to containerize a Node.js Application

How to containerize a Node.js Application The rise and rise of Node.js applications is, quite simply, phenomenal! Thanks to a JavaScript-everywhere architecture, the difference between backend and frontend is no longer as evident as it used to be. From emerging startups to large enterprises, every business is trying...

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How We Zeroed on the Best Data Warehouse

Zeroed on the Best Data Warehouse The advancement of technology generally evokes a range of emotions in people from all walks of life. Some choose to see the cons, while others consider it a way to bring the world closer and solve major challenges. But, as they say, any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent...

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