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Designing Your Brand

Sortemque crede volucrum Tot beati facitote et media viridem Epidauria Lorem markdownum tendere dum, successerat tamen, mihi! Quod facit nam ut augebat haec aedes ipsos, illi pro Romuleos! Praetenta praebet totumque sine eundem deorum morata, rerum pendebat, graves servat telluris? Neque tanti Lyciae est deque quo...

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How Big Data is changing the Healthcare Industry?

Big Data in Healthcare Industry According to, “Global health care expenditures are expected to continue to rise as spending is projected to increase at an annual rate of 5.4 percent between 2017-2022, from USD $7.724 trillion to USD $10.059 trillion.” The growth of the healthcare industry w...

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Important NodeJS Frameworks for Web Developers

NodeJS Frameworks for Web Developers As an open source and cross-platform runtime environment, NodeJS enables web application developers to execute JavaScript code on the server-side. Many developers these days leverage Node.js to simplify web application development and maintenance by writing both client-side and ...

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Golang vs. Python

Golang vs. Python According to , “Python has now definitely become part of the big programming languages. For almost 20 years, C, C++ and Java are consistently in the top 3, far ahead of the rest of the pack. Python is joining these 3 languages now. It is the most frequently taught the first languag...

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The State of Java in 2019

The State of Java in 2019 According to TIOBE Programming Community Index for January 2019, Java is currently more popular than other widely used programming languages including Python, C, C++, Visual Basic .NET, C# and JavaScript. Also, for almost 20 years, C, C++ and Java are consistently in the top 3, far ahead ...

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What is Azure HDInsight?

Azure HDInsight As a fast and scalable framework, Apache Hadoop makes it easier for data scientists to store, process, and analyze very large volumes of data. Many data scientists use Hadoop for offline or batch processing. They can further accelerate big data analysis by scaling up the framework by adding nodes in...

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