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Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud Migration Challenges Cloud computing enables enterprises to store data and run applications smoothly without investing in on-premise IT infrastructure. Many cloud service providers even promote the cloud as a much simpler alternative to on-premise infrastructure. But enterprises require deeply specialized ski...

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Cloud Cost Analysis Tools

Cloud Cost Analysis Tools Many enterprises opt for cloud computing to eliminate the cost of building and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructures. The cloud service providers further enable enterprises to avail storage space and computational resources based on the pay-per-use pricing model. But the pricing model ...

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Web Application Development Best Practices

Web Application Development Best Practices There was a time when websites were adequate to improve a business's online presence. But a large percentage of users nowadays access websites and web applications on their smartphones and tablets. A number of studies even suggest that users spend most of their digital med...

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Why Do We Need Cloud Security?

Why Do We Need Cloud Security? The number of enterprises migrating their applications and data to the cloud has been increasing consistently. A number of studies suggest that the cloud platforms provide enterprises with a more secure outlet for storing applications and data. But no enterprise can leverage the benef...

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Public Cloud Adoption Challenges

Public Cloud Adoption Challenges Unlike the private cloud, the public cloud enables enterprises to store data and run applications without buying, installing and maintaining servers and other equipment. Many organizations prefer public cloud over the private cloud to save cost by availing a multi-tenant environmen...

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What is Managed Cloud as a Service?

What is Managed Cloud as a Service? While adopting cloud migration service , an enterprise has the option to avail IT services through a number of cloud service delivery models – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Likewise, a business can choose ...

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