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Data Transformation (Part 1) | Normalisation Techniques

The process of normalisation entails converting numerical values into a new range using a mathematical function. Two common normalisation methods are min-max normalisation and z score normalisation

Data Transformation | Normalisation Techniques Almost always when we get raw data in any project, it is unfit for direct consumption for analysis or modelling . It is a especially a concern when the data volume is huge for example in a big data analytics project . In this blog post I cover a few of the most commo...

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Why Demand Planning?

Demand Planning An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts - for support rather than for illumination. After Andrew Lang </em> All business planning is underpinned by forecasts - sales of new and existing products, availability of Raw materials. Yet no one has a crystal ...

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Advantages of ReactJS

Advantages of ReactJS ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library which is developed by Facebook. At present, React is being maintained by Facebook and Instagram along with an open source community. The features provided by ReactJS enable developers to create interactive and compelling user interfaces (UIs) for var...

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What are Spring Boot and Spring MVC?

Spring Boot and Spring MVC At present, Spring is one of the widely used application development frameworks for Java platform. The comprehensive infrastructure support provided by Spring helps developers to simplify and accelerate the development of various Java applications. In addition to keeping applications modul...

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Importance of MVP in Mobile App Development

MVP in Mobile App Development According to the Statistics Portal, Google Play Store allows Android users to choose from over 2.1 million apps, whereas the Apple App Store allows iOS users to choose from almost 2 million available apps. Each enterprise needs to focus on building a unique product to make the mobile ...

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Designing Your Brand

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