Life of BluePi: 4 years of growth and how!

Life of BluePi

Clocking a 100% growth in revenues every year is no joke!

More so, if you’re a self-funded, lean company, working on cutting-edge technologies, partnering with some high-profile names and helping clients across multiple industries to solve complex business problems.
With an 80-member strong team, looking to grow 3-fold, and with global expansions, new offices and rapid growth, on the cards; 2017 is going to be a watershed year for us, without a doubt. But, all those won’t come on a platter. We need to make some conscious calls and get them right – throughout the next 12 months, and that’s not going to be smooth sailing for sure!

And that’s why starting this year on a high note was crucial. It sets us up on the best possible course for success. What better way to do this, than giving ourselves a corporate makeover – with a brand-new website, fresh content, and imagery. But that’s not enough, we’ve done well to back it up with great substance. Here’s why:

    1. Some inspiring partnerships

We’re now Advanced Consulting Partners for AWS Cloud for Cloud Services. The Microsoft partnership was kick-started by Mr. Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia, who visited our Gurgaon office and appreciated the good work we’ve been putting in. Exciting partnerships with Cloudera, Pivotal, etc. are on the cards as well.

    1. A 4-Pillar Strategy

We’ve re-arranged our businesses into 4 key areas:

      • Cloud Services
      • App Development
      • Big Data & Analytics

These are not just niche and exciting but are crucial for any business serious about making a difference and gaining a competitive edge in today’s world.

    1. A Global Outlook

We’ve been mostly serving Indian clients hitherto, but with a renewed focus, backed by a strong expertise, we’re all set to go global.

    1. What’s a consulting company without a great team?

With our Bangalore and Gurgaon offices bustling with activity, housing an 80-member team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, Life of BluePi has surely hit some exciting turns!

Charity begins at home. So, we asked ourselves, what are the best adjectives that describe BluePi, and it came to us as no surprise that Futuristic, Enthusiastic and Reliable were the chosen ones. I’ve always felt we’re futuristic enough to spot the next big wave in technology. Having started a company thriving on cloud and big data - much before they became the trends that they are - is a perfect testimony to this. And you can’t go the distance if you are not reliable. Thanks to the reliability with which we have been delivering projects, our clients are ready to swear by us if there is a problem that needs solving. And then, finally, without being enthusiastic about what we’re doing, we could have never come this far! Day-in and Day-out, solving real-world problems using technology is what motivates us and keeps us going.
Our brand-new website embodies these very values – everything from the fonts used, the refreshed logo, the colours, the content. We’ve kept it conversational and earnest – we don’t want it to be over the top or pushy in any sense. So, come around to our website, give it a whirl, and do not forget to give us your valuable inputs. We’re all set to Imagineer transformed tomorrows, and we welcome you aboard!

Pronam Chatterjee

Pronam Chatterjee is Head of Strategy & Innovation(read Founder & CEO) at BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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