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IBM Announces the Launch of SoftLayer Cloud Data Center in Germany

February 13, 2015
By Blue Pi
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The latest to join the bandwagon of companies setting up their cloud computing bases in Europe is the stalwart itself. IBM has surprised its counterparts with its decision to launch its first SoftLayer Cloud Data Center in Germany after establishing back to back data centers in London and Paris last year.


Industry experts cited the recent announcement from IBM as predictable as Germany and France were already on the Big Blue’s list. The experts, however, don’t find IBM’s decision to set up its SoftLayer Cloud center in Germany extraordinary, for it has become a sort of a trend among cloud service providers for a variety of reasons.

Setting up a cloud data center in Europe helps a data provider to reach out to its audience/customers with stricter security and data privacy regulations. It also helps cloud data providers get rid of latency to improve application performance.

There is only seven milliseconds of latency between the Frankfurt and Amsterdam data centers,” IBM claims.

According to Lance Crosby, SoftLayer CEO, Germany has the strongest data privacy regulations in the world. And with new Frankfurt facility, IBM’s SoftLayer is sighting a host of benefits for German companies from in-country data storage—a requirement in many industries to comply with German data protection laws.

The move makes sense for all parties, with Germany consistently in the top five of IBM Cloud’s best performing EMEA countries in terms of monthly recurring revenue and growth.

The move made by IBM is based on the fact that Germany had been the best performing EMEA country for IBM SoftLayer in terms of growth and, obviously, revenue.

IBM SoftLayer is not the only reputed name to have decided to establish cloud data centers in Germany. According to reports, a number of other big names have already made Frankfurt as their cloud data centers. Interoute has its VDC in Germany. Amazon Web Services opened its data centers in Germany in October last year. And, Salesforce too seems to be going its counterparts way by expanding its European operations to Germany.

According to reports, IBM is offering a $500 discount to its customers in Frankfurt. The offer is valid till March 31.

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