About BluePi Consulting.

## Our Offerings

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is no longer a trend but a reality that businesses need to embrace quickly… Leverage the strengths of an Amazon AWS partner to accelearate business results. read more 

Mobile Application Development The future of IT is mobile. Whether it is the omnipresent iOS devices or smartphone using Android, the devices…  read more 

Big Data Problems Looking to unlock the insights from your data? BluePi is helping organizations unravel the information stored in…  read more 

Agile Product Development Our one and only focus is Customer success and to help customer succeed we believe in building a strong partnership…  read more 

Performance Engineering With a heavy use of development methods like iterative development and software prototyping, we are quick to…  read more 

Social Presence Social networks are everywhere, and we understand the need for your product to be able to seamlessly integrate…  read more 


## Introducing Our  Leaders

BluePi’s vision comes from the zeal and enthusiasm of its leaders - the crazy ones who dared to question the norms, the inadequacies of our industry and finally decided to take things in their own hands! Love for coding and creating awesome products is what drives them, and a well executing piece of gibberish mix of curly braces and color-coded text can make their day. How else do you explain someone marvelling at a neatly written piece of code, and going “It’s gorgeous!”?

Raman Makkar: Founding Member Hierarchy is nothing. Skills and ability and what you do with them are everything. 25+ years in the software industry taught me that. Duh!!!! As my son would say, “What took you so long!! Thats corny dad… and where did you find that? In a fortune cookie?” And I wouldn’t disagree with him. A few years of working together and the universe conspiring to get us to the same state of mind at about the same time is what it took for this group to come together. And what binds us together is the belief that together we can do some pretty neat stuff.

We believe that conformity leads to mediocrity, and mediocrity is the acid that eats away at the pipes that carry our juice, our lifeblood, our creativity.What we seek are the real life problems that give us a chance to express our creativity in form and function, in size (or lack thereof) and simplicity, in scale and robustness, in communication. Working with and leading teams at GE Cap, IBM, Dow Jones, Royal & SunAlliance, (AON) Hewitt, ACS (Xerox) and a few others pit stops has helped me work out the kinks. The others in the group are molded by their own experiences and hence bring in their own brand of wisdom. Together, we hope to succeed in a niche space many have aspired to.

Pronam Chatterjee: Founding Member If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. The fact that we get to help businesses and people solve real problems through our systems is a source of infinite joy and fulfillment!! The fact that we get to teach people how to leverage the “mysteries” of the digital world to solve these problems is a huge incentive. The technology we use is our paint brush, our musical instrument. The architecture and the detailed designs are our masterpieces that come alive at the fingertips of our talented programmers.

The work we do is a reflection of who we are as people. Humdrum projects for the sake of generating revenue are not an option. Solving real business and people problems that make a material difference for people and businesses is a point of pride. Doing this in a manner that keeps the solutions not just relevant but defines the solutions as the standard for years to come, that’s the legacy we want to leave behind for our fellow digital warriors. On this fulfilling journey, our interactions with clients and with the people who join hands with us keeps it fresh and interesting.