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    Unified Data Platform & Amazon personalize

    user data platform unifies data from disparate systems to one single repository, which can then provide great value to different teams/functions. The data can broadly originate in transactional systems, customer relationship management systems, customer interaction on the online/offline channels and third-party systems. A UDP not only brings all of this together but correlates and references data from all these systems, hence providing a Single Customer View which records all the user touch points

    Unified Data Platform & Amazon personalize It is beyond doubt that Personalization adds real value to the customer engagement, in fact,around 30% page views on Amazon are from recommendations. But the question then is, why doesn’t everyone implement it and more importantly, why is it so hard to achieve good...

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    How AI is making the fashion industry smarter!

    AI in fashion industry Trends in the fashion industry are driven by customer flickering behavior. Change is the only constant in this field. Other than consumer expectations, fashion is also largely impacted by numerous cultural, seasonal, geographical, and social events. However, the world has come together because of the internet....

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