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    How deep learning solves retail forecasting challenges

    How deep learning solves retail forecasting challenges Like in the case of most industries, retail too, is being driven forth and ahead with data. Keeping up with the increasing demands and expectations of customers is no easy feat. However, utilizing traces of data that consumers leave behind, retailers have actually...

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    Success in Supply Chain with AI: Proven Ways

    Machine learning and AI-based techniques use complex algorithms that can contribute to solving complex cost and delivery problems faced by an increasing number of enterprises today. Deploying the right ML model, enterprises can draw significant insights on how to improve and optimize their supply chain performance. By anticipating anomalies in logistics costs in real-time, AI in machine learning can help companies bring down revenue losses tremendously

    Roaring magnanimously, artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the most widely used technologies in every industry today. Looking at the graph below, it is clear that artificial intelligence has established a strong foothold in supply chain management as well. In fact, AI in the supply chain comes at the...

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