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    Media Services on AWS With the huge increase in the demand of the digital media and growth of internet industry, Be it a Television content or OTT content, cost-effectiveness, broadcast latency, encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery and monetizing the channel are the major areas of concern of all the broadcasting providers....

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    ELK STACK: A Perfect Guide for Log Analysis

    ELK STACK Before we get started with what exactly Elasticsearch, logstash, and Kibana does, we need to understand first what exactly the use of log is, how does it work to get meaningful insights out of it and last but not the least how it can improve an organization’s efficiency....

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    Legacy App Modernization Challenges

    Legacy App Modernization Challenges No enterprise can keep its software applications relevant and profitable without optimizing user experience. The user experience delivered by a software application depends on its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security. Unlike new age software applications, legacy software applications are not developed by targeting multiple browsers,...

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