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    Implementing Web Application Firewall

    Implementing Web Application Firewall What is AWS WAF? WAF is web application firewall which is used for monitoring HTTP/HTPPS requests that are forwarded to AWS CloudFront or AWS Application load balancer. It is used to control your how CloudFront/Application load balancer responds to the request. You can configure conditions and...

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    Why should you set up your first Data Warehouse on Cloud?

    Why should you set up your first Data Warehouse on Cloud? You can always consider setting up a data warehouse to accumulating huge volumes of data from varied applications and sources. The centralized data repository will help you to convert the data into actionable information by processing large and complex...

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    DevOps Adoption

    DevOps Adoption According to the Second Annual GitLab Global Developer Survey, “Thirty-five percent of respondents say they have a somewhat established DevOps culture and only 23 percent go so far as to describe their development method as DevOps.” The survey further adds, “65 percent of respondents believe the DevOps workflow...

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    Top 5 Challenges in Big Data & Analytics

    The big data tools enable businesses to collect real-time data from both external and internal sources. They can further collect large volumes of structured and unstructured data from each source. The data collected from various sources will differ in formats and quantity. The businesses have to set up scalable data warehouses to store the incoming data in a reliable and secure way. At the same time, they need to invest in robust big data solutions to integrate the structured and unstructured data by eliminating disparities and inconsistencies

    Challenges in Big Data & Analytics As large volumes of raw and complex data, Big data enables programmers to take better decisions and optimize business processes by understanding customer behavior, latest trends, and changing patterns. An enterprise can collect, store, and analyze these large datasets in a number of ways....

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    Cloud Computing Adoption Challenges

    Cloud Computing Adoption Challenges Many enterprises adopt cloud computing technologies to manage their applications and data efficiently without building and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure. A number of studies even show that enterprises can invest in cloud computing technologies to boost revenue growth, secure corporate and business data, speed up disaster...

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    5 Ways To Take Advantage of Private Cloud

    5 Ways To Take Advantage of Private Cloud The cloud platforms enable enterprises to run businesses smoothly without creating and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure. Based on his requirements and budget, each business owner has the option to choose from private cloud and public cloud. Like a public cloud, private cloud...

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