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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

    # Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Although it is only in the last few years that technology users have cashed in on cloud computing, its inception happened many decades back. The surge in its popularity, its relevance, and hyper-scale have witnessed an upswing owing to the steady shift that...

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    Phases of Cloud Migration

    # Phases of Cloud Migration Cloud computing makes it easier for enterprises to run applications and store data without creating and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure. The enterprises can even move their existing applications and data to the cloud through a straightforward process. But no enterprise can eliminate cloud migration issues...

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    Advantages of Containerization

    Advantages of Containerization Many enterprises nowadays opt for virtual machines to set up multiple operating system (OS) environments independently and simultaneously on the same machine. Virtual machines enable organizations to build and test software applications in multiple development environments without deploying and maintaining additional machine hardware. As an operating system...

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