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    How to Automate AMI Backups & Cleanups, using AWS Lambda

    Is your Dev-ops or Infrastructure management team looking for options for cloud cost optimization and save time by eliminating human errors and the need for dedicated resources (like a standalone server) executing all tasks? Look no further! Automating AMI backups and cleanups using AWS Lambda helps you solve the above...

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    Predicting the Future, Using Real-Time Big Data Analytics

    In our previous blog post, we looked at 4 ways that real-time, big data analytics can give your business a competitive advantage. One of them was that you could use real-time Big Data Analytics to make dynamic changes based on user behavior. This brings us to the realm of Predictive...

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    How real-time, big data analytics can be a competitive advantage

    Real-time, big data analytics, based on cloud. What’s that? It’s certainly not a mishmash of the most trending hashtags on Twitter! There’s more to it. Picture this. You’ve added a shiny new feature to your product and want to see if the shower the same amount of love that they...

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