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    Tapping Big Data for Increased Agility and Competitiveness

    The stupendous growth of data volumes in recent years has been behind the rise of the phenomenon of big data, which has presented new challenges as well as new opportunities for business enterprises. Organizations can take advantage of the big data environment with analytic solutions to derive information about key...

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    Automate Configuration Management with Chef

    In the previous blog we saw how we can automate the deployment of Play framework applications using Chef, in this piece let’s focus on automating Configuration Management for Play Framework applications using Chef. There are a few steps involved in making the configuration updates automatic, we’ll discuss these steps one...

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    Automating Play Applications Deployment using Chef

    Extreme Programming goes hand in hand with the Scrum practices that we follow in the modern software development. The promises made by implementing Scrum can only be fulfilled if we follow the development practices that compliment it. Extreme Programming or XP practices are a must if we want a work...

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