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Data Visualization, BI and Reports

There is an imperative need for simplifying complex data and creating intelligent business reports that serve as a business enabler across multiple functional units of your business. At BluePi, we believe in agility. Starting with data preparation and moving towards the creation of rich dashboards and interactive analytics, we build solutions to cull out the underlying patterns in data and simplify them before presenting them in the form of visually appealing, interactive and sensible dashboards.

Are you using multiple tools & licenses, to build business reports with no desired results?

If yes, we can surely help you get rid of all that jazz and build something functional and practical! At BluePi we monitor your system architecture and build a single solution that everything from data integration to visualization, at a much lesser cost than what’s generally seen across industries today. If that doesn’t convince you enough, here’s more food for thought:
  • Does your current solution connect your employees with the data they need, in real-time, to make smarter and faster decisions?
  • Can your analytical tools help discover or unearth those hidden business opportunities?
  • Are you missing on an opportunity because your teams are working in an independent manner and are taking more time arriving at a consensus?
If you answered NO to any of the questions above, BluePi‘s data science experts can help you move from data to actions, in no time!

We already have a BI tool in place, so, what more can you do for us?

Well, you’re right, having a good BI tool implemented is a good first step. And just that! You then need to bring all your data together by integrating seemingly disparate systems - some of them hosted on-premises, while some of them, on your cloud-stack. And that's where BluePi can help. Consider these:
  • You need to wade through the endless list of technology stacks, the OSes, their environments and the tools built to tackle them
  • You'd also need to figure out what exactly are the reports, insights and action items you need to generate - specific to your business
  • And then select the right data science techniques and applications to do all the wizardry for you.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, you need to figure out access control and user management - that’s easier said than done!
And while you were busy pondering over these, your competitor just added a cool new feature - based on real-time user behavior data that his team closely monitors! That's not a good place to be in. Is it? Instead, you can trust BluePi to do all the data wizardry for your while you focus on making the best use of the business insights generated. We can help you build on top of existing Business Intelligence tools like Oracle BI, Power BI or Tableau, or simply build one just for you, right from the scratch! Get in touch with our team today, to know more about all the data visualization and dashboarding solutions we provide.