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Make Decisions That Matter

The wave of Big Data & Analytics has swept the business world. Everyone is talking about it, but only a few understand how it works. You know it is the new black! You know it can make your business more lucrative, but the most important question is how do you make it work for you?

Rest assured. You have the data, we have the analytical and technical expertise to generate insights and help you make decisions that matter!

Whether it's Hadoop on-premises, Data Warehouse on Cloud (using AWS Redshift or HDInsights), your all-in-one dashboard powered by PowerBI, OBIEE, Qlik or Tableau; or your custom made the search engine to dig into the huge pile of data; BluePi can help.

Our SolutionsSolutions
Big Data & Analytics
Text Analytics, Search as a Service, Recommendation Engines, Predictive Analytics - did you just say "Aah! those big-data-buzzwords!" Well, we don't blame you! But, we do strongly believe that these could be game-changers for your business. From finding relevant information about your customers & personalizing their experiences, to building better brands by addressing specific pain points, or figuring out the likely default rates and pricing credit cards better - there's a whole new world of practical applications, waiting to be...
Big Data & Analytics
What's the use of all the big data that's going around, without a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that lets you get that most valuable insight, right when you need it, much before you even realize that something needs attention! A beautifully designed and a fully functional dashboard, shared across all your business units and decision makers, empowers them to make the right decisions. BluePi can help you attain that seemingly utopian state with relative ease.
Big Data & Analytics
If you’ve been worried about the tremendous volume of data generated by your business and figuring out ways to ingest, store, and analyze them - powered by the right kind of infrastructure; you've come to the right place. BluePi helps you figure out the best ways to implement Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) along with other relational & non-relational databases. We'll also help you set-up the required data warehouses or data lakes, along with the query engines and access management...
white paper
White Paper on Data Lake
white paper

According to Gartner, 80% of successful CDOs will have value creation or revenue generation as their Number 1 priority through 2021.

In order to maximize the value out the organization’s data, traditional system architecture are no longer adequate. To fully capture the value of big data, organizations need to invest in flexible data architectures and must be able to extract maximum value from their data ecosystem.

Data Lake concept has been around for some time now. However, many organizations still struggle to understand the concept as many of them still banking on the older paradigm of Enterprise Data Warehouses.

In this white paper, we are trying to demystify the conceptual constructs of Data Lake Architecture which includes,

  • What is a Data Lake?
  • How Data Lake is different from Traditional Data warehouse?
  • Conceptual architecture of a Data Lake
  • Consideration in a Data Lake.
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