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In 56% of banks who offer digital journeys, applicants take less than 10 minutes to fill in an unsecured loan application and a third of these banks instantly approve those loans.

India is set to become the third-largest domestic banking sector by 2050. Adequate investment, right technology and government’s support have come together to build an ecosystem to enable BFSI’s anticipated growth.

We know the industry, we know the technology and we have the expertise to implement. Data is everywhere and everyday we are struggling to find ways to capture it and churn out meaningful outcomes. BluePi today sits at a sweet spot which can marry the functional knowledge of the BFSI industry, validated by the trust shown by our and current and past clients in us with years and years of experience in the technical domain handling large scale projects revolving around BIg Data, Cloud based solutions, Microservices, Risk Profiling, etc.

Customer Experience

Churn Prediction & Prevention

Identify issues leading to customer churn & provide insights to drive retention of profitable customers

Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Analytics

For existing customers, provide insights about what (best product/offering), whom (which customers/customer segment) and how (channel, intensity of contact) to sell

360° Customer View

Consolidated data view of the customers across multiple dimensions, leading to enhanced understanding of customer base and improved customer experience & lifetime value

Marketing Personalization

Personalized brand messaging & targeted marketing campaigns suited to varied customer segments

Digital Onboarding

Seamless customer onboarding journeys, across channels, to improve the customer experience.

Analytics & AI Powered Operations

Business Performance Reporting

Measure performance by analysing, tracking and reporting KPIs & operational metrics

Credit Risk Profiling

AI/ML based credit risk assessment for customers with limited or no credit history

Claim Propensity & Risk Analytics

  • AI/ML based solution to predict the likelihood of a customer filing a claim
  • Identify claims with a high-risk of fraud

Toll Acquirer Automation System

Includes AI/ML based toll violation detection, automated MIS reporting, case management and invoice settlement

Unified Data Platform

Consolidate data from varied sources to provide a single source of truth and enable BI, advanced analytics and AI/ML use-cases

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