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We as an organisation have always been proud of our agility to pick up latest and greatest in technology.

    Since the inception of BluePi in 2012, we have been AWS partners. Most of the solutions we have developed for ourselves as well as for our customers have been deployed on AWS, this is a testimony to our trust and also deep knowledge of AWS ecosystem. We as an organisation have always been proud of our agility to pick up latest and greatest in technology breakthroughs, and help our customers implement them. This works very well with AWS, which as a platform is always innovating, keep all of the partners on their toes. In our association with AWS we have delivered some of the largest migrations in India, since the launch of India data centers. We look at AWS as blazing ahead, disrupting the business as usual and inspiring us all to follow the lead.



Big Data competency:

BluePi has proven track record in developing, implementing and deploying big data solutions on AWS. Our specialities include clickstream data, BI, data warehouse, data lakes, data marts, machine learning and AI workloads. We are focused on helping our clients achieve their business objectives by leveraging the power of Big data.

Migration competency:

Right from helping you migrate to cloud, building awesome applications, tools, and services on top of it, building a cloud disaster recovery (Cloud DR) infrastructure, optimizing your infrastructure, its overall performance and the total cost of ownership; BluePi does it all. It all starts with experts evaluating the readiness, creating migration plan and finally migrating step by step.

DevOps competency:

DevOps is development, operations and testing functions working in perfect synchronized symphony. The key goal is to increase speed to market and safeguard mission critical workloads, at the same time decreasing errors and increasing continuous uptime. BluePi helps your implement the most efficient DevOps pipelines and also makes sure that all the best practices are followed.








EMR Kinesis



Tensorflow on AWS




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