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Web Apps for Businesses

Unleash the untapped power of Web Apps!

BluePi takes pride in building complex mobile and web applications, making it simpler and easier for the end user, without compromising on time-to-market or security. With more than 100 projects delivered, our happy clients come from various sectors: online reservations, BFSI, hotel management, interactive games, virtual training and more.

Our Process

We follow Agile software development Model, taking 3600 feedback and making the app market ready. With strong focus on Agile led best practices, we at BluePi, extensively utilize proven architectural design patterns and frameworks such as Model View Controller (MVC), Client-Proxy server, layered architecture, Pipe and Filter Architecture, Reactor pattern, etc., during application development.

We build web applications that give a considerable competitive edge to our customers. With our cutting-edge web technology, we have helped companies gain market share, increase efficiency, enhance productivity, reduce operating costs and boost customer satisfaction. Some of the technologies used that have set BluePi apart from its competitors are:

Technologies Used


Developing Dynamic Web applications with PHP and using MySQL efficiently for these applications is no mean feat. BluePi prides itself for developing best-of-breed web applications on PHP, that are efficient, solid and most importantly, secure. Our PHP development team has vast expertise and is highly skilled in open source development for different industry verticals such as Real estate, finance, engineering, social networking, hospitality, ecommerce and many more.

MEAN Stack

BluePi has helped numerous clients in developing a Web application based on MEAN technology stack. The MEAN stack is a powerful, full-stack JavaScript solution that comprises of four major building blocks:

  • MongoDB as the Database
  • Express as the Web server framework
  • AngularJS as the web client framework
  • Node JS as the server platform

We have successfully built Web applications on MEAN stack that are fast, scalable and built in a single-page application format. It provides end users, the ability to conduct basic social network activities such as chatting, searching for other users, posting updates, creating connections and much more.


Enterprise level and niche solutions is our specialty. We have built scalable, complex web applications that are designed for performance optimization and support distinct business functions. Our .Net developers are experts in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, Castle Windsor, LINQ, SQL and NHibernate frameworks, delivering out of the box solutions customized to your business needs.


Over the years we have developed many Web applications on Java, thus delivering and powering high performance solutions on Java. BluePi boasts of rich expertise and experience in major web development frameworks and technologies such as Struts, Tapestry, Commons, Velocity, JUnit, Axis, Cocoon, Spring, Ajax and many more which can be leveraged for web application development projects.

BluePi is also an expert in technologies like Scala, Node JS, Meteor JS, Loop Back, Angular JS and React JS, apart from those mentioned above.

Take your Business to the hands of your consumers

We strongly believe that any web application must be built for the ease of use of end users. Our out of box strategies with a firm sight on future technologies has helped any companies reach new heights. If you are looking to develop a Web application which can scale infinitely and still load within seconds, then you have come to the right place.