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Mobile Apps For Businesses

With smartphones forming a predominant part of today’s connected lifestyles, gone are the days where mobile applications used to be the poor cousins of a lavish website or that all important utility application on your PC. Sure, not every use case demands a mobile application, but a truly well designed, light-weight application that solves a real problem has no replacement, whatsoever! Developing the best mobile application is no longer possible with just a knowledge of the android or iOS ecosystems and their respective software frameworks. Thanks to a plethora of technologies that have finally come of age, today’s mobile applications - especially those catering to the Millenials - pack in a lot of punch. Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, big data, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and a whole lot more, being powered by cloud-driven, sharing economy; make app development all the more exciting. Not without bringing its unique set of challenges, though - none bigger than privacy and security concerns! That’s where we come in. Quite simply, BluePi is a one-stop-shop for all your application development needs! App development at BluePi begins with an elaborate discussion trying to understand the core problem that the app is set to solve. Everything else comes later. Use of DevOps tools and Agile-led methodologies make the whole process seamless; ensuring faster time to market. The BluePi process, comprising of the following phases, ensures continuous development – obtaining 360-degree feedback right through!

Immaculate Wireframe Designs

Our developers and project managers go to great lengths to gather all functional requirements and use cases, based on which the feature list is finalized. Fully functional wireframes are then built using tools like Sketch and InVision; replicating the user interface and flow, as closely as possible. Our designs are usually minimalistic, employing state of the art UI / UX philosophies to make the interface look great, while the app stays functionally efficient, easy to use and light on file size, at the same time.

A Fully-Functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The wireframes are broken into user stories, which are built and deployed in short sprints. Daily scrum meetings ensure that we take feedback at each step, and stay true to delivery timelines promised. The MVP thus built, can be subjected to rigorous testing in live or in controlled environments and can also be used to validate your business hypothesis by conducting customer development interviews.

Rigorous Testing

We put the app through rigorous usability test and QA Tests on thousands of devices followed by a full beta cycle. BluePi helps you build a comprehensive mobile testing strategy involving functional testing, usability testing, localization testing, load testing, security testing and much more. We simulate the live environment as closely as possible while conducting these tests.

Continuous Deployment

You may choose to deploy the app on your existing on-premises infrastructure or deploy it on the cloud. In the case of the latter, we use tools like Docker, Dockerfile, Strongloop Process Manager, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, etc., to break the app down to docker files and images, before containerizing them and deploying them. This reduces OS dependencies and helps you deploy multiple apps onto any existing cloud stack. The possibilities are endless, quite literally, when it comes to developing mobile apps – irrespective of whether it is an android app, or an iOS or a hybrid app. The next time you have a use case and are mulling over the possibility of building a mobile application, do get in touch with us at the earliest!