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Android App Development Services

Keep Your Android App Popular and Profitable in the Long Run

Looking for mobile app services to build Android apps that remain popular and profitable over a longer period of time?

Rely on BluePi to build next-generation Android apps by combining the right programming language and development tools. We have experience in developing custom Android apps according to varying business needs and by targeting a different version of Android OS. In addition to creating new mobile apps for Android 8 Oreo and Android 9 Pie, we also upgrade existing Android apps according to latest mobile app development trends.

Our programmers have expertise in writing native mobile apps for Android platform in both Java and Kotlin. They integrate Java and Kotlin to build high-performing and maintainable Android apps. Also, they accelerate Android app development using widely used mobile app development tools like Firebase and React Native. At the same time, our mobile app developers keep Android apps trendy by implementing the hottest trends in mobile app development like a material design.

Our testers perform rigorous testing to assess the mobile app’s user experience across devices powered by different versions of Android. We believe in creating Android apps that meet precise business needs and deliver outstanding user experience. Our developers even help businesses to keep their Android apps profitable by keeping them searchable and implementing app monetization techniques. Our Android app development service helps businesses to create robust Android apps that keep users engaged and generate revenue.

Why BluePi Android App Development Services?

  • Experience in building custom mobile apps for different versions of Android OS
  • Expertise in creating mobile apps covering various app store categories
  • Write Android apps in both Java and Kotlin
  • Perform elaborate Android app testing to address OS and device fragmentation
  • Upgrade existing mobile apps for Android Oreo and Pie
  • Speed up Android app development using robust tools like Firebase
  • Use React Native to build Android apps using commonly used web technologies
  • Assess the app’s user experience across different versions of Android OS
  • Adopt agile methodology to deliver the Android app on time
  • Keep the Android apps profitable by implementing mobile app monetization technique
  • Keep the Android app relevant by adopting latest trends like material design

  • BluePi has already created new generation mobile apps for Android Oreo and Pie and updated existing mobile apps for Android Oreo and Pie. Our Android app development services help businesses to launch next-generation mobile apps that deliver optimum user experience and generate revenue.