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Modernize Apps. Transform Businesses. Transcend Limits.

Struggling with outdated systems?

Count on BluePi to infuse latest technology into legacy applications and help you embark on a journey of innovation. We make the best use of modern development frameworks and Agile methodologies, to build customized, flexible, end-to-end mobile and web solutions; right from the scratch.

And we don't stop there either, we setup the right infrastructure, create right platforms, build awesome applications and streamline all processes. Now that's what you call, a 360-degree digital transformation!

We don’t just solve your complex business problems, we ensure that you downsize your costs and risks, while doing so.

Our Solutions Solutions
App Modernization
The possibilities are endless, quite literally, when it comes to developing mobile apps – irrespective of whether it is an android app, or an iOS or a hybrid app. Do get in touch with us to get a fully-customized, light-weight and fully functional mobile app that packs in all the latest goodies powered by technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, big data, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and a whole lot more, being powered by cloud-driven, sharing economy.
App Modernization
The buzzword of modern day business world, Digital transformation, in its true sense, has become a necessity for all organisations. We all know we need to transform our businesses digitally. Everyone across the globe seems to be living by the phrase – Go Digital! The question here is, do you understand the term correctly, and if yes, do you know the true implications of digitally transforming your businesses?
App Modernization
The world has started moving towards lighter web apps that offer the power of personalized engagement, while at the same time, being universally accessible via a simple browser on any device. BluePi helps you get there! We develop and manage your application portfolio, driven by industry-specific best practices, drawing on our experience across multiple industry verticals. Our clientele includes some of the leading organizations in BFSI, Media, Logistics, Healthcare FMCG and E-Commerce.
App Modernization
Customers' preferences, business requirements, and technological frameworks are all rapidly moving targets. What's 'in' today, would be 'out' tomorrow. And that holds true for your beautifully designed applications as well - they'll go kaput if any of the above parameters change. Given these circumstances, it makes perfect sense to adopt a modular development strategy, focussed on building APIs that can be plugged into application interfaces of any form, built on any of technological frameworks, integrated with any kind of database....
App Modernization
Trust BluePi to create user interfaces (UIs) for your applications that keep users engaged and seduce them to come back. The user interfaces design created by our team help businesses to make their website stand out in the crowd and convert website visitors into customers. Also, we help businesses to reduce user abandonment rate by designing UIs that deliver seamless user experience (UX).
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