Application Modernization

Application modernisation

Achieve agility and efficiency by transforming the legacy applications in your enterprise.

Market forces including the adoption of digital channels, increase in D2C share and disruptions from nimbler and focused startups require organisations to be more agile and efficient. Yet the traditional legacy nature of enterprise IT throttles the speed of modernisation.

" 25% of the enterprises today find it difficult to integrate with new applications due to the legacy systems’ unadaptable infrastructure."

Cloud-native application Development

With emerging standards like CNCF, the time to market for building modern applications have significantly reduced. We help build

  • 12 Factor Apps portable across any Kubernetes deployment
  • Latest CI/CD practices promoting an observable automated deployment paradigm
  • Containerized stateless applications

Hybrid/Multicloud Applications

Increasingly enterprises are looking at adopting a multi-cloud and hybrid approach to services delivery. In banking, for example, data residency rules mandate on-premise deployment. We help build

  • Applications that are portable across public cloud platforms like AWS, or on hybrid cloud platforms like VMWare Tanzu.
  • Seamless development and operations experience across cloud platforms
  • A declarative approach to deployment and infrastructure

Monolith to Microservices

  • Unravel the jumbled wax of monoliths in your IT landscape to loosely coupled, highly cohesive microservices
  • Reactive applications that are performant and use non-blocking threads
  • Database decomposition and alignment to microservices

All of the above delivered via our agile practices and guaranteed to

  • Lower time to market
  • Reliability of the IT landscape
  • Smoother operations and observabilit

We Power The Data That Drive Your Business

We work with retailers in providing retail optimization solutions that are tailor-made keeping their specific supply chain nuances. Whether you are a multi-format retail chain, apparels or a grocery store our AI/ML driven solutions will add to your bottom-line and top line while at the same time improving customer satisfaction.

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