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Customers’ preferences, business requirements, and technological frameworks are all rapidly moving targets. What’s ‘in’ today, would be ‘out’ tomorrow. And that holds true for your beautifully designed applications as well – they’ll go kaput if any of the above parameters change. Given these circumstances, it makes perfect sense to adopt a modular development strategy, focussed on building APIs that can be plugged into application interfaces of any form, built on any of technological frameworks, integrated with any kind of database.

You might have a great application development idea for improvising business operations, but, here are a few things you need to ask yourself, before going any further:

  • Are you going to build a new team to develop it?
  • Can you wait a long time to launch the application?
  • Are you ready to face a setback if someone quits?
  • Do you think it is wise to put all your eggs in a tiny basket?

Do not write all the code, on your own, in one go!

Most of the companies fall into the trap of building every part of their application on their own! It’s old, scares your coders and hinders your go to market strategy. What if there is a better solution though?

With BluePi’s compelling API driven Development strategy, we have helped companies across sectors build a strong blueprint for all their needs. API driven development allows development teams to develop applications with APIs as the key focus. API driven approach allows development teams to make changes per their customers’ feedback, thus, putting their customers in the driver seat.

Whether you are looking for program-centric APIs or Web APIs such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) or Representational State Transfer (REST), BluePi has the solution.

Our approach:

BluePi is a strong proponent of using the latest DevOps tools and technologies, to ensure a smooth and continuous development process. Here’s what a typical process would comprise of:


BluePi prides itself by developing APIs by using a Specification-driven development process. With this method, we help clients build APIs for the long-term; while also catching glitches, inconsistencies and generally bad design, early in the project lifecycle. This process is designed to take advantage of newer, cutting edge technologies and to make development, management & documentation of APIs, more efficient. After all, you are building an API which should last for at least a couple of years.

Prototyping & Agile Design

As and when you build your APIs, it’s important that you take feedback from your existing customers, so that it meets their needs, is consistent and is easily consumable. BluePi believes the best way to do this is to build a prototype of the API and share it with potential users, thus getting feedback per the market needs. We use advanced service virtualization products which give our developers, testers and performance teams, the flexibility to work in parallel; ensuring faster delivery, higher application quality and reliability.

Authorization & Authentication

Our APIs are developed on Open Authentication (OAuth) format, thus not compromising on the security of the end clients. Whether you want an OAuth 1 or a customized OAuth 2, we have the capability and will design it per your custom needs.

If your business demands rapid prototyping and changing your application’s structure constantly with an ever-changing database, BluePi’s API driven development services would definitely help.

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